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 Uzumaki Tabuta

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Tabuta Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Uzumaki Tabuta   Uzumaki Tabuta I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 19, 2009 9:58 am

Name: Uzumaki Tabuta

Alias: none

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Weight: 194

Height: 6"2"

Clan: <a href=""</a>

Looks: (What your character looks like. Skin, hair, clothes, attributes. You should be able to give at at least 2 paragraphs. Pictures would be of help.)

Personality: (What your character acts like. Is he/she kind, evil, cheeky, sarcastic? Does he/she have likes? Any dislikes?)

Rank Information:
Rank: (What rank is your character? Genin, Jounin, Missing Nin, etc)

Village: (Any village your character belongs to. For missing-nin, simply put the village they used to belong to here and put a strike trough it to show us you've left the village.)

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty: (Things your character is best at. Sealing, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Summoning, Puppetry, things like that. Students usually have one of these. Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin two. Kages and S-ranked Criminals may have three.)

Elemental Affinity: (Students and Genin may pick one, Chuunin and Jounin may pick two, Kages and S-ranked Criminals may pick three. You can pick Fire, Wind, Lightning, Water, and Earth.)

Special Characteristics: (Anything special about your character. Does he/she have cursed seals? Bijuu? Bloodlines?)

Weapon of Choice: (Here you can fill in what weapon your character prefers to use in combat. If this is a custom weapon, leave this blank and a moderator or admin will paste it in here once it gets approved.)


Name: (The name of your technique)
Rank: (The rank of your technique. E, D, C, B, A, or S.)
Type: (What kind of technique is it? Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Sealing?)
Element: (If elemental, what element is your technique? Else fill in something like "N/A" or "Neutral")
Description: (A brief description of your technique. Does it require handseals? Does it have strengths and downsides? Does it consume a lot or only a little chakra?)

Background Information/RP Sample:

History: (Your characters history. Divide this into several arcs, one for each period of your life.)

Rp Sample: (A small sample of how you roleplay. You may copy anything you have posted somewhere else, as long as we get to see what your skill level is.)
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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki Tabuta   Uzumaki Tabuta I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 19, 2009 6:15 pm

use this form, bolds and all


[size=18][u][b]Character Information:[/b][/u][/size]









[size=18][u][b]Rank Information:[/b][/u][/size]


[size=18][u][b]Skill Information:[/b][/u][/size]
[b]Skill Specialty:[/b]

[b]Elemental Affinity:[/b]

[b]Special Characteristics:[/b]

[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b]



[size=18][u][b]Background Information/RP Sample:[/b][/u][/size]


[b]Rp Sample:[/b]
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Uzumaki Tabuta
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