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 The Story line for Naruto Destiny

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The Story line for Naruto Destiny Empty
PostSubject: The Story line for Naruto Destiny   The Story line for Naruto Destiny I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 19, 2009 1:44 pm

100 years have passed since Akatsuki's plot to dominate the word. Their uprising has brought the world, it's fourth Great Ninja War. Through much defeat and bloodshed, the war was stopped by the Hokage from the Leaf and the Kazakage from the Sand. With many families dead and towns in rubble, many ninja lost hope in their perspective villages and left becoming missing ninja. Chaos grew in the lands as divided villages tried to bring order into the now decaying world.

Another 100 years have passed and the villages have started to grow once again. The Five Great Nations have been prosperous in all aspects of their culture and ways and have grown, soaring to new heights. However, not even with Akatsuki diminished, was the world at peace. The Country of Grass was the location of the new main missing ninja hideout. There a group was started under the command of one man, the Lich king. He started to ban a group, called hokurke, of missing ninja together and sent them against the newly reestablished Nations. Taking the Grass Country for there own, the Lich King gave his subordinates each a head to target and bring down the Five Great Villages.

But when all hope seems lost will a hero arrive to unite the people, to band together a once unstable country, or with the Lich King carry the world in the palm of his hand?

* Credited to Arvok
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The Story line for Naruto Destiny
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