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 Hate the Black Seige

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PostSubject: Hate the Black Seige   Hate the Black Seige I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 5:36 am

Name: Hate

Nickname/Alias: The Black Seige

Weight: 145

Height: 6"0

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Looks: Hate the Black Seige Hironb6
He has very dark colored hair. Is very tall and has a sword on his back always. He is about 6"0 and weighs 145 pounds. He is slim and very built. He wears no make up. He never smiles and is very quiet. He wears a ninja wear which takes a kind of different appearence. It is thin and has a good ability to help him fight. He wears shinobi shoes and wears no accessories. He has red eyes, and very tan skin. He wears things on his fingers alot. He wears the Kuromori(Dark Forest) necklace which indicates he is leader of Kurotsuki. He is a very dark person and really never has a smile on his face usually a solemn face. He actually wears over this a Cloak with yellow and crismon stripes on the fleece of the arms.

The Necklace symbolizes the Darkness of the Organization. The gem is a black diamond which glows at times. Hate fancies it a bit, he believes it is special. This is the only thing he truly loves. If someone was to steal it he would kill the person if he found them, on the spot. When he gets sick he goes pale, and his eye will not be as dark. He usually wears his cloak at all times but sometimes just his battle suit. He is very precise on what he wears. He is not really the person who wants to look good. Also, has a tatoo on his chest which looks like a circle with thirteen swirls in it.

Personality: Although he may look colorful. He has a dark personality. He is very quiet and only follows orders set by the leader. He always likes to take command when he is in the group. He never really plays around in battle. He is very difficult to understand unless you knew him since childhood. He usually is alone in a chamber or room and does not like to be disturbed. He had been alone his whole life, he hates everyone except the Kurotsuki. Hate never ceases to amaze, he may be silent, but very deadly. He has tooken to heart to kill everyone that oppose the goals of the Kurotsuki and everyone who tries to get in the way. He kills and only kills, that is his goal. He is called Hate for being a very hateful person. He loves to kill and take things away from people that they love. He had never been the loving person since he never had anyone to love so you can say for his personality that he is quiet, dangerous, and hateful. This is how he has been his whole life and intends for it to stay like this until he reaches his goals. He is very dark and dangerous. So don't upset him. Now and days he is usually the typical dark and rude person. Had it not been for the events that happened 19 years ago he possibly wouldn't be in this situation. Hate is not in a relationship for he thinks they bring weakness.
In battle he does not play around like said before. He is a cold blood killer. If the battle gets to tough he will use his large chakra reserve which is powered from the tatoo on his chest. He will also use his strongest jutsu to win the battle. If he is in the mood he will tear every limb off the person and feed it to animals and does this while the enemy or opponent is alive. Hate usually is a torturing type person but is favorable of the clean killing way. If someone was to cut or hit him, he would try his best to cut them into pieces.

Rank: Kurotsuki Org. Leader/ S-Rank Criminal

Village: Hidden Leaf Village- Konohagakure

Skill Specialty: Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Taijutsu

Elemental Affinity: Main: Fire
Sub: Lightning

Special Characteristics: Large Chakra Reserve from an tatoo on his chest. The tatoo is a seal. He got this seal after fighting a ninja who was cursed with infinite chakra. The ninja burned Hate with a seal in which enables Hate to have a Large Chakra reserve in him, but it has a limit to last 15 posts after its tapped into. When tapped into, his chakra will be able to be seen glowing around him, it takes on a greenish and black color. The tatoo looks like a circle with thirteen swirls in it. The tatoo is small and a decent size. When the reserve runs out of chakra until it can regain more, the user will either pass out or be very weak.

History: Childhood Arc- When a Child he was very curious and outgoing. That all changed the night the Hokage ordered his family be killed. He was sparred that night. His house was set on fire, and bombed which what killed his parents. His mother managed to get him to safety, and in this case he survived. He was from then on a Orphan. He was usually quiet and not understanding. He wished to become a ninja and did so by enrolling into the Academy under the rule of Kumori.

Around the time after this, he was taken in by a stranger who loved him and cherished him. Every week they went to the park to play ball or fish. He had grown to love this women. She also gave him a pet kitten when he was seven. About two years later the women died and he was again alone. He then trained harder in the Academy. He was growing to hate people. Alot of people were worried about him. When offered help he denied it. Had it not been for that women he may have killed himself but he didn't.

About three months later he was able to live on his own, he had gotten a job at a small shop. Hate's real name was Rizo Mishuri. He was very silent when a child and from then on did not speak to anyone. He never really went to friends houses or ever went anywhere. He just went to work and then home. He finally was able to finish the Academy and did so, finally becoming a fully fledged ninja. He was a Genin.

Genin Arc: When in the Hidden Leaf he was alone. Everyone hated him for being mean. He usually stayed at home or was out training. He and his team where usually out on missions. His teammates and sensei were the only ones who understood him. Yet, for him that wasn't enough. He wanted to protect everyone and couldn't do that when his team was killed in combat. He took the Chuunin Exams a few months later after the horrific event. He fought a Uchiha and in his last match another ninja. He beat everyone who came his way and was soon Chuunin. Before this he almost went insane after his mother and father were killed. His teammates names were Hizoriki and Misuria. The last mission they went on before the exams was when Konoha was in war with another village. They were to set out and get intelligence. They did so and this information about the villages defenses helped Konoha obtain Victory. Sadly, they're Jounin was killed in combat.

He was able to recover from the lose of his sensei. His teammates helped him do so. Him and his team were assigned a new Jounin, called Ziro. This man was just alike they're old. They all grew to like him and soon were a very good functioning team. Soon they accomplished 100 missions and were ready for the exams. They're sensei was very quick in doing so. It would be about a month before the exams. During this month of relaxation the team did countless number of missions and all of them successful.

After that month they all participated in the exams. They all fought hard and made it to the top. After the exams, Hate's whole team had became Chuunin. They're sensei was very proud. Soon, their sensei got sick and died. This hurt him more to and he hated people even more. He was on the edge of insanity. Hate was becoming more and more dark, crude and dangerous to society. Soon this will have a impact on his life forever.

Chuunin Arc: When Chuunin, he taught at the Academy. He usually was rude and mean to the students and lost his job there. He went on a mission assigned by the Hokage and was nearly killed in combat. He was then on a dark person, he feared death unless he brung it to others. He was a very succesful and yet powerful Chuunin. He soon proved loyalty to the Hokage and went on more missions then any other Chuunins'. He soon was approved by the Hokage to be called a Jounin. This gave Hate a small grin, in which would be his last that the Village would see. He was assigned a new team to be on and to do missions with. His teammates were the same as the last team. They went on a mission to Amegakure but only Hate came back. Amegakure had set a trap and killed Hizoriki and Misuria. This has had a effect on him seeing them tortured as he watched, locked up upon a wall. This still gives him nightmares and he only had one option to get rid of them.

He was very insane by this point. He was on the edge of break. Hate did not talk to anyone and was always locked up somewhere. This really had hit him hard. Everyone he had ever known and loved was no gone. He knew one thing and one thing only that he must do. He had to talk to the Hokage and then leave the village for good. He had his mind set on killing. If he did this he would be able to plan a way to crush everyone he hated, which in this case was everyone. He was very insane at this point and was not going to go back on his word. He was going to leave Konoha and was going to kill many people.

Jounin Arc- When Jounin he finally blew up. He killed about 21 ninja on the night the Leaf had a large celebration. He ran through the woods while he got chased by many ninja. He fought them but managed to kill a few of them while escaping. From that day forth he traveled alot. He needed to find a importance, some one or something that would take him in as a person. He finally managed to pull of many crimes and caused many deaths. He was then classified in the BINGO book as S-Rank Criminal. He soon found the Kurotsuki and joined them. He was then a dangerous ninja to Konoha and a threat. He soon found out what really happened 19 years ago. The Hokage ordered that his family be killed for trying to dethrone the Hokage and over throw the village council. This had angered Hate and when this happened, hate consumed him and from then on he became Hate. Before this he had tried to reason with the Hokage but then left the mansion and went on a killing spree. Hate had alot of intelligence about Konoha's barrier and defenses but has almost forgotten. He has very little knowledge on Konoha today but wishes to crush Konoha.

He killed the Jounin in under minutes. He killed some villagers too if not mentioned above. He was very clean and quick with all of them. No one there could match his speed and progression towards the village gates. Only one ninja attempted to stop him and was almost successful until he feared for his life and scurried and let Hate escape the village. Hate had done what he had wanted to do for many years since what the Hokage had done to him. The village took away from him and in soon time he would take everything away from Konoha with hate. If he did this he would, in his state of mind, be a savior of the ninja. He thinks that if he eliminates the villages that he and the can make a new order, and organization. He was founded into the Kurotsuki, and is now Leader of the newly formed organization.

Kurotsuki Arc- Today he is the Leader of Kurotsuki, he has been very fond of the Organization since its new power of rein. The Kurotsuki is said to have 8 members of highly equipped ninja. They have many goals to put into action. Hate has been very busy but clearly up to no good. He has been planning a meeting and has done alot of them. He has the Kuromori(Dark Forest) necklace, identifying him as leader of Kurotsuki. They have plans to destroy the Leaf which is at the top of his list when they can afford to do so. Hate has been called this since he left Konoha. He is usually the person that just kills and takes away love from people. He never had anyone or anything to love so he thinks no one else should. The Kurotsuki and Hate are currently active. As leader he has many duties and must protect them. He is trying to envelope a jutsu that will protect they're base from any intruders. He became leader by defeating the previous leader and obtaining the title as Kurotsuki Leader. He has demonstrated his power to all of his followers. He wishes to crush Konoha with his Hate and to crush all villages as well. He wants to demonstrate his power to all, he wants to kill all who oppose him. Hate thinks as himself as the SAVIOR, the savior to save the world from the Great Nations and the Akatsuki.

He believes if they are successful they would be able to make a country and village that would abide by they're code of the Shinobi. Hate is very intelligent and knows of many ways how to crush and kill without suffering. He has made many plans of how to crush the Great Five nations. If all goes well he will have enough power to take the world in his grasp and eliminate the Akatsuki once and for all.

He has a plan to first eliminate any large or small threats to them and then work his way up and then crush Konoha. Then next would be the other villages and then the Akatsuki being last. He was in complete aware that he was powerful and that if he was going to be stopped, this person to stop him would have to be a GOD. This on the other hand is what he thought, but this is not non-fictional. He knew someday he would die but if this organization completed its goal, his legacy, or he would live forever.

Rp Sample:

Skylar nodded, looking him in the face and taking what he was saying into his mind. He agreed, yes she had been happy. But then everything came crashing down. And there was no way Sky could ever feel okay with what happened. It breaks his heart just to think of it. "I... I used to be happy. Youre right. But it... It just all fell apart, and I cant manage to be happy anymore. Theres nothing left for me to like in life," he said quietly, looking back at his coffee. "Its okay, I guess... Im just not used to human contact anymore. Most people ignore me," he mumbled. He shook some of the hair out of his face and did an awkward half smile thing to him. It wasnt a real smile, but it was clear he was trying to be reassuring.
he crossed his legs under the table and pulled her lighter out of his pocket again. He practiced flipping it open with one hand on top of the table. It was one thing he had never managed to master. Skylar took another sip of his coffee looking boredly at the lighter in his hand. He looked up and just glared. "I am just going to leave." he got up out of the chair and then pushed it in. "It was nice getting to talk. ." he started to walk away and then turned the corner and was gone.
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PostSubject: Re: Hate the Black Seige   Hate the Black Seige I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 7:31 am

Looking pretty good, actually. You havent hold back while writing all this down, which is greatly appriciated. Still, since I'm a whiner, I'd like to point some minor things out:

-You dont have a clan, nor do you even have a last name. Add these please. Simply "Hate" wont do.

-Your weight and height dont have units. This may sounds silly, as pounds and feet are most likely to be the ones you've used here. Still, I'd like to see you add them, just to make sure we dont get 6 meters tall characters walking around.

-I'm a bit unsure about the whole Kurotsuki part. You'd have to discuss that with the other staffmembers, as I'm not sure wether you can suddently make a new organization.

-You dont have jutsu. This is probably because you're not done with the application yet or something like that. Still, I'd like to point it out.

-When making jutsus, also make your chakra seal in a jutsu template. You can remove the whole description from the special characteristics then. Just make sure that the characteristics note you have the seal, and let the jutsu template do the explaining.
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Hate the Black Seige
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