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 Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja

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Corey Uchiha

Corey Uchiha

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PostSubject: Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja   Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 10:54 am

Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja Commission___Yoshiro_Fujisawa_by_osy057

Character Information:
Name: Jai Sekouki

Alias: Speed Demon

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Weight: 180 lbs

Height: 6'3"

Clan: Seikouki Clan

Looks: Jai is tall hieght about 6'1". He has a lean fit physique weighting about 180 lbs. His muscular build is quite nice though. He is black with green eyes. His hair is long and brown. It is dreaded and tied to the back of his head in a knot. Baki wears an olive green outfit, outlined in lime green highlights and designs. His shirt is olive with a lime green lines straight down the torso with a lime green t-shirt underneath. He also wears shorts that are the same olive color with lime two single bands around them. He has a long, flowing sash hanging from his shorts. He wears dark boots that stretch up to his shin. The top of the boots are covered by Baki's long shorts. Baki always carries his katana in his right hand and also usaully wears a cloak that doulbe as a cape on hotter days. Lastly, Jai wears fingerless olive gloves and has bandaged wrists.

Personality: He is easygoing, friendly and dryly good-humored, Jai treats his self-imposed exile as though it were an extended vacation. He focuses more on the pursuits of relaxation and amusements than on the pursuit of the world�s power, now clashing with the dedication of his council. Jai is a nice man, because he has progressively softened as his role as an antagonist has slipped. He loves to sleepand relax on lazy days. He is passive when it comes to other fights and generally looks after peace. When it come to battle, he's almost unstoppable. Jai is intelligent, creative, strategic and fearless. He is also very charismatic. It is usually said that he likes to show of and that he talks too much. He likes to take things slow.

Rank Information:
Rank: A-Ranked

Village:N/A, Wanderer

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty: Kenjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Water

Special Characteristics: He moves extremely fast and likes to mix his water justu with his impressive speed and swoedsmenship...

Weapon of Choice: His black blade, Banryu

Background Information/RP Sample:

Early Life:
Jai was born very close to the Konoha in a small country called Kalee by two poor parents. .He lived most of his young and teen years in poverty creating small tool for people at his father's shop.
Jai was born on a land still embroiled in this brutal conflict, known as the Huk War, so it was, perhaps, inevitable that he grew up hating the Huk. Jai's father, seeking a useful outlet for his son's anger, taught him how to handle a slugthrower rifle. The young Jai proved himself an excellent marksman, with a mind as finely honed as any weapon; by eight years of age he had already become an expert sniper, with more than forty Huk kills to his credit. By the age of twenty-two, he had slain so many Huk that the Kaleesh people considered Jai a demigod
His parents both died in an attack by the Huk. He joined the army of Jai to combat the Huk. The Huk was a neighboring country that wanted control of Kalee.
Though he would achieve his greatest infamy as the fierce general, Jai Seikouki was originally an Kaleesh. These were the barbaric natives of Kalee, a land torn by famine and war that the justice of the Leaf Village never touched. For generations, Kalee had been assaulted without respite by a technologically superior neighbors, the aggressive Yam'rii (referred to by the Kaleesh as the "Huk", or "soulless bugs"), who coverted the Kaleesh as slaves.
Later Teens:
Jai became a warlord in his native land of Kalee close to the Leaf Village. Jai was among the most effective generals for the Kalee against their enemy, the Huk. Jai's closest comrade was a fellow Kaleesh warrior and mercenary, Hou. According to legend, his relationship with this wild and skilled female swordswoman had its beginnings in a dream. The exact nature of their relationship is uncertain. Some say Hou was Jai's long lost half-sister; some say she was actually his lover. Whatever the truth, their bond, once forged, was considered absolute and sacred. Hou taught Sheelal to wield a sword, and in turn he introduced her to the powerful Outland rifle. The two warriors became legends, twin demigods blessed by their ancestors. Together they mercilessly cut through the Huk invaders in countless campaigns.
Unfortunately, while they were invincible together, they were less so when fighting apart. In one engagement on the beaches of Kalee, the two of them were separated. Hou died violently on the Huks' barbed shears, and her body vanished into the Sea. Jai, unable even to retrieve her from the waters, was driven to despair and a horrible psychotic depression and wasn't able to help his comrades any longer.
During the war with the rival Huk, the Leaf Village is called in to settle the dispute. Because the Huk is rich in natural resources compared to the barren land of Kalee, the Leaf sided with Huk and sends several ninja to intervene on their behalf. Jai and his armies are made to appear as the aggressors and their homeland is left in ruins.
He weathered countless close calls as he unleashed destruction on Kalee's enemies. He would return home to his allies, bloodied but emboldened, ready for battle again. After the war ended, Jai had difficulties adjusting to life without conflict.
Jai becomes a security chief for a clan of missing Nin. San Hill, leader of the clan, notices his strategic genius, fearlessness, and skills. He is mentioned to the Kirigakure leader. Led by the third Mizukage, the Mist conspires to draw Jai into the Kiri army. Despite Hill's generous offers, however, Jai refuses to lead the army.
During an attack by the Leaf Village's armies on the clan's base, Jai's dorm, with a bomb already attached, explodes. He is mortally wounded in the crash, but survived and miracaliously made a full recovery. Hill approaches him and offers him the chance to live again and lead the Iwa army. Jai initially resists � he would much rather die a warrior's death than watch his body sustained the Mist Village � but Hill eventually persuades him by appealing to his desire for revenge. In actuality, this was Hill's plan all along, as the Earth Village had booby trapped Jai's dorm themselves before the Leaf's attack, meaning to leave the General with no other choice than to accept. The Third Mizukage then trained him in sword combat until he is one of the best duelists in the world, and whips his resentment of the Leaf Village into frenzy. The metamorphosis is complete: Jai's now the Rock's most fearsome weapon.
Age 20-23:
During the Ninja Wars, Jai makes it a personal goal to hunt down and kill every single Leaf Ninja and collect their ninja tools as his personal prize. Although the Third personally finds Jai disgusting, he makes the general his right hand man. As such, Jai not only learns Third's secrets, but becomes second only to the Mizukage in the chain of command of the Mist forces. He becomes the Supreme Commander of the Mist's Army only after the Third pits him against two powerful Kiri Jounin. Jai easily defeats the two.
Jai was first unleased inside the catacombs of one of Iwa's caves during the war; he makes his appearance in this battle at the ending period of the Ninja Wars. There, he kills his first Leaf Ninja. His rear-guard actions in the catacombs against the Leaf and Sand Ninja allow rest of the Mist's leaders to escape with their lives. He single-handedly attacks and dispatches seven Leaf Jounin in an aggressive display of sword mastery during the battle. He begins the swift conquest of almost all of the villages, striking fear into the very heart of his enemies.
Though Jai was active at the time of the many ninja battles, no Leaf Nin had reported his existence as none had escaped his presence alive. He orchestrated many campaigns from sheltered bunkers, but he was not afraid to fight alongside his troops in the frontlines of the battlegrounds. Kakashi Hatake first reported Jai's frightening form after the war had ended, where Jai liad waste to almost all of Konoha's forces in a battle at the temple.
A powerful Leaf ninja arrives shortly after the Nai's leaders leave, and so corners Jai.
Jai takes out his sword and engages him in combat. The Leaf Jounin seems to gain the upper hand, fending off Jai's swords and slicing them in two he flees. He is surrounded by Leaf Ninja; Jai, however, escapes as the Leaf ninja's assault force known as the 212th attack battalion begins their attack on the Mist's armies. This ninja chases after him throughout most of the battlefield. He eventually ends up at the top of the temple and the ninja does a powerful attack on the General's leg forcing him to engage him in combat once again. Jai tries to escape with his fighters by dueling the ninja through the control room, the top of a tower, and a cave, finally ending up at his training platform. The ninja manages to open Jai's chest-plate, revealing his weakened body. Jai throws him around violently before seizing jumping of the tower into some water and to his escape. The War was lost the Mist had been taken down by the Leaf Village.
A New Life:
It has been five years since the Ninja Wars have been over and Jai has disbanded himself from Kiri. Jai has become more level headed and calm. He is no longer the reckless fighter he used to be. Since Jai no longer has to kill as much he did before, he acts very differently than he did in his earlier years. Jai is now easygoing, friendly and dryly good-humored, Jai treats his self-imposed exile as though it were an extended vacation. He focuses more on the pursuits of relaxation and amusements than on the pursuit of the world�s power, now clashing with the dedication of his old village. However, beneath the easy going exterior lies a wise man experienced in the ways of the world, a seasoned and wily strategist, and a powerful ninjutsu master. He now travels the ninja world trying to bring peace to the Great Nations. He now travels the world as a 'Liason of Ninja' He has come to good terms with most of the Kages and lives to stop war and suffering.

Rp Sample:
Okay I just went and found the first Chapter of my arc on NarutoC, enjoy...

Corey Yoshimaru continued his journeys. Once again he was lost. He was way off course, do to his horrible sense of direction. He was in a foggy stripe of land surrounded by water. He thought he was in Kirigakure but he was really a long ways off. He was on an isthumus connecting the Land of Fire and the Land of Lightning. This was a very humid area that always seemed to be foggy. All the tree in the area had died. It looked as if the entire area housed the dead. A storm was about to start in this drab, gloomy place.

Three storm clouds all arose, all spinning in a cirle. Lightning arose and the wind started roaring with enough force to blow away a small boulder. There was a large castle nearby that seemed to call out to Corey. "I need to find cover.", said a scared Corey. He looked over to see a small hut. A old man stood in it he quickly said, "Young man, come on take cover" Corey didn't want to stop at the hut. He would go to this mysterious castle, it intrigued him. He began to run. The old man saw this. "Only a true Sansutomu Shinobi can survive in the Eye of the Three Storms", said the old man. He closed the door after he saw Corey wasn't coming back.

Corey ran as fast as he could. About a minute of rain and raging wind, Corey made it to the palace. He opened the gates of the castle and entered the lobby but the castle seemed to be abandoned. Since it was fraining outside and nobody was home, Corey decided to go on and explore. 'Hm... A nice thin hallway. It might lead to a great room', Corey thought as he looked down this long corridor. He made his way down the hall looking left to right. The castle seemed to be in quite good shape, even though Lord was out. Corey made it to the door at the end of the hall. he twisted the nob but the door was locked. Corey refused to have walked so long to be denied entrance. He thrusted back his arm and blasted a quick punch at the door.

The door didn't even move. "AHHH!!!!!, MY HAND!!!!", screamed Corey as he held his right wrist with his left hand looking at the bruised fist. He was serious now. His eyes gazed in from nowhere. He thrusted his right hand back again, swirling his chakra into his right shoulder, releasing all this chakra at one time. He blasted forward then punched with the right hand at the resistant door. The door broke into hundreds of pieces. Corey looked forward to see some sort of huge scroll, sitting on a small table at the center of the room. "Ah man, where's the bed?", said the lazy Corey.

The scroll had a kanji on it that meant Divine Agreement to Summon Lizards. It was a contract to summon lizards. Corey had hit the jackpot. Right as he stepped forward, out of nowhere, a giant gecko appeared. "Who is this that messed up my day. I am Hachuurui, boss of the lizards, why have you entered my sactum." Corey took a deep breath and began to talk. "I....I'm Corey Yosh... Yoshimaru sir. It was raining out side this castle. A huge triple storm or something. I ran to the castle to take a break but no one was here so I came to this room to go to sleep." The lizard sat up at this fearful shinobi's words. "Humpt.. Lazy, Curious, and Quite Fearful. Your a ninja who came to the castle during a Sansutomu Storm. Your the Sansutomu Shinobi that is to summon the lizards!" Corey looked at the toad stunned by his words.

The lizard lashed his tongue out at Corey as if he was attacking. Corey puto up his right hand in reflex. The tongue popped on the membrane of Corey's hand leaving a image of a small lizard on his palm.

"I give the permision over the contract. You will be able to summon a lizards at your own level by biting your left thumb a wiping it this mark I have given you. Then put your hand to the ground, release a portion of your chakra, and think of the lizard you need. That's all it takes. I'll let you finger the rest out on your on, Humpt. " The gigantic lizard grabbed the scroll and unrolled it. Now bite your thumb into you bleed , then sign your name on the contract. You will carry it with you from now on. That is all! The lizard disappeared with that. Corey was a little scared to bite his thumb. He did. "Aww, that hurt.", Corey said as he wrote down his name and rolled the contract. Corey tied the contract to his belt and now he was a ready to continue his journey.

When Corey exited the castle the sun shone high. The area was much more bright then before. Corey walked back east to ask that old man for directions, or maybe a boat...

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Corey Uchiha

Corey Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja   Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 10:55 am

Water Clone Technique
Water Release: Exploding Water Shockwave
Water Release: Grand Waterfall Technique
Water Release: Water Shark Projectile Technique
Water Release: Water Shark Breakthrough
Water Release: Water Shark Gun Technique
Water Release: Five Eating Sharks
Water Release: Burdock Root Eating Sharks
Water Release: Flash Grinding Destruction
Water Release: Infinite Sharks
Water Prison Technique
Water Release: Water Dragon Projectile Technique
Water Release: Great Whirlpool Entwining Technique
Hidden Mist Technique
Silent Homicide Technique
Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
Water Release: Black Rain Technique
Water Release: Tearing Torrent
Water Release: Stormy Blockade
Water Release: Syrup Capture Field
Water Release: Snake's Mouth
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Corey Uchiha

Corey Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja   Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 10:57 am

It would have been longer but the thing said my post was too long so I had to cut it done...

This should be approvable
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PostSubject: Re: Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja   Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 11:18 am

Pretty approvable yes. Good looks, good personality, well-written history. I´d still like to point out some minor things:

-Please use the Jutsu template for your techniques. Just writing down the names wont cut it.

-I dont know if your clan has any special abilities, backgrounds, notable features or such, but I think you should try to get it approved in our clan creation section.

-If your blade has any special abilities, get it approved in the weapon creation section. If it does nothing but...wel...being black, just leave it there. Smile

-For wanderers, just write down the village you used to belong to (In your case Konoha). Not really a big deal, its just to make things more clear and all.

Get those 4 points fixed and your application is good to go!
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PostSubject: Re: Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja   Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 4:35 pm

Also Explain your clan some
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PostSubject: Re: Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja   Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja I_icon_minitime

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Jai Seikoiki - Liason of Ninja
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