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PostSubject: gurudara!!!!!!!!!!!!   gurudara!!!!!!!!!!!! I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 4:04 pm

Summoning Template


Description: the summon summons gurudara a wolf with 3 tails that breathes electricity bolts

Special Summons:you have to cut more blood than usual to get him out
Name: gurudara
Rank: a
Description: he is 100 feet tall weighs 2 tons and looks like a wolf that is pure black he does whatever told to do without question
Jutsu: fireball jutsu
name fire ball jutsu
type ninjutsu
ellement fire
description shoots a huge fireball at enemy

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gurudara!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: gurudara!!!!!!!!!!!!   gurudara!!!!!!!!!!!! I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2009 5:11 pm


gurudara!!!!!!!!!!!! Itachisig-3
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