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We're a new generation. Discovring our parents old secrets..Join to roleplay with others in Flashback or New Generation.
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 Welcome to Naruto Destiny

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PostSubject: Welcome to Naruto Destiny   Fri Feb 27, 2009 3:09 pm

Welcome to Naruto Destiny. I'm your Admin, Shade.

I'm here to do all I can to help make this forum enjoyable for everyone and you. This forum is to be in your interest and very much enjoy your presence here.

Here are some basic announcements I'm going to shout out here.

1.) Basically, the forum is in dire need of members. Please advertise as much as possible as we would very much appreciate it.

2.) There are a total of three villages open. the Village hidden in the Leaf, The Hidden Sand village, and the Village Hidden in the Mist. This gives you basically wide variations over your characters personality as the Hidden Leaf is a Good village, Sand being Neutral (neither good nor evil), and the Village Hidden in the Mist being Evil. However your personality does not force you to be in any village as you may join whatever village you like.

3.) If there are any changes you'd like to see, place it in the Feedback forum and if the idea is good, the change will be made.

Those are the basic announcements and I hope you enjoy roleplaying at Naruto Destiny Smile_

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Welcome to Naruto Destiny
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