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 Inchuriko Clan

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PostSubject: Inchuriko Clan   Tue Mar 03, 2009 12:54 pm

Name: Inchuriko [Commenly called Ichuri]

Village: In Konohagakure but can be in sunagakure

Clan Symbol: NA

Kekkei Genkai: To see in shadows and in bright light and summon sprits and demons to help fight and defend a clan member will actulley have a demon inside with a sprit controlling them inside granting the powers to summon demons and sprits and may even dead people and animals.

History: [Later]

Secret Clan Techniques:

Name: Ichuri Summon: Kuno Draskater

Rank: C

Type: Summoning

Element: None

Description: A summon of a skater with wings that is being controlled by a sprit. The skater will deal multiple hits before dissapearing and the sprit coming out.

Name: Ichuri Stick: Sprit Slash

Rank: B

Type: Taijutsu

Element: None

Description: After a sprit comes out of the summon using this jutsu will allow the sprit to use its force in a weapon usulley a stick and the force within the stick can leave alot of damage to the target.

I'll add more...
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Inchuriko Clan
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