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 Character Creation Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Character Creation Rules and Guidelines   Character Creation Rules and Guidelines I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 17, 2009 8:45 am

1: Keep the numbers real. No characters weight 300 kilogram, nor are certain people 5 meters tall or is an Akatsuki member 4 years old. There are no clear limits on these numers, yet you should be able to figure out what does and does not apply by yourself just fine.

2: The jutsu limit is 25 jutsus according to your respective ranking, though that does not mean you should simply copy and paste every technique you come across in your application. Keep it fair, as you can always learn additional techniques later on.

3: Certain ranks can only have certain techniques. You can learn stronger techniques later on through training. The rules go as the following list states:
Academy Students/D-Ranked Criminals: E's, D's, may learn 2 C's
Genin/C-Ranked Criminals: E's, D's, C's, may learn 2 B's.
Chuunin/B-Ranked Criminals: E's, D's, C's, B's, may learn 2 A's
Special Jounin: E's, D's, C's, B's, may learn 4 A's.
Jounin/A-Ranked Criminals: E's, D's, C's, B's, A's, may learn 2 S's.
Kage/S-Ranked Criminals: E's, D's, C's, B's, A's, S's

4: Certain ranks can have certain amounts of different elements. The rules go as the following list states:
Academy Students/D-Ranked Criminals: 1 element
Genin/C-Ranked Criminals: 1 element
Chuunin/B-Ranked Criminals: 2 elements
Special Jounin: 2 elements
Jounin/A-Ranked Criminals: 2 elements
Kage/S-Ranked Criminals: 3 elements

5: You are allowed to use your characters and roleplay samples from other sites. Dont let us see you're stealing someone elses though.

6: No names should be used that can be considered offensive by anyone. Also, names should make sense. No gibberish names and no real life names, such as ones from movie stars, should be used.

7: No demon and bloodline at the same time! You can get both at the same time during roleplaying, yet you cannot start off with both. You're also not starting off with 2 bloodlines, no matter what kind of special ability you may posses.

8: Please do not post in other members profile. This job is for the moderators and admins so please refrain from posting in other profiles.

9: There are to be no Bijuu characters, canon characters, or any mentioning of canon characters in your profile.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation Rules and Guidelines   Character Creation Rules and Guidelines I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 21, 2009 1:54 pm

Ok i'm am posting a template here and I am going to show you what to look for and how to approve correctly.

Character Information:
Name: {(Make sure they have a name! Even if they say they aren't known say bull crap. Everybody has a name make sure they have one)}

Alias: {(Make sure this makes sense. If they have Yondaime or Nidaime, ask them why. Yondaime means The Fourth and Nidaime means the seconds much like Sandaime means The Third which wouldn't make sense unless they were a Kage)}

Gender: ({Easy enough)}

Age: {(Be very reasonable about this. don't let anybody become a 13 year old Jounin. That's ridiculous. Unless one of their specialties is Prodigy, don't give them any exceptions or nothin.)}

Weight: ({Easy enough)}

Height: ({Easy enough)}

Clan: {(All Characters need clan. A clan is not a bloodlimit but a family and everybody needs to have a clan.)}

Looks: Make sure they have at least a paragraph for looks

Personality: Same as Looks

Rank Information:
Rank: {(Make sure the rank is open. This will be the foundation of your character. The higher the rank you are, the harder and more detailed your character will have to be.)}

Village: ({Easy enough, make sure the village is open)}

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty: {(Make sure they have the right amount for their rank)}

Elemental Affinity: {(Make sure they have the right amount of Affinities)}

Special Characteristics: {(This isn't optional but still check to see if they have a bijuu or prodigy in here.)}

Weapon of Choice: {(If they have a weapon make sure they post a link to that weapon unless it is your basic kunai, shurikan, or scrolls.)}

Jutsu {(Check this to make sure there is a reasonable number of jutsus There should be no more than 20 jutsus for an S-rank character lower it by 5 for every rank below. for a starting character cause this will get out of hand.)}

Background Information/RP Sample:

History: {(I can not stress this enough how much needs to be done on the history. Make sure each stage of their life is divided into arcs say a childhood arc, genin arc, chuunin arc, jounin arc. etc. etc. etc. In other words

Genin need at least 1 paragraph
Jounin need at least 3 paragraphs
Kage/Anbu/S-Ranked ninja need at least 4 paragraphs for their history)}

Rp Sample: {(Keeping to the basics with this. This is how it should go.

Genin don't need a RP Sample. since they are starting at a low enough rank they don't need to show their RP Skills.
Jounin rank requires at least 2 paragraphs. If a profile has less, then bump then down a rank. 2 paragraphs isn't that hard.
Kage/ANBU/S-Ranked ninja need at least 3 paragraphs in the RP sample in order to achieve that rank. [/b]

Follow these guidelines and your profile will go by swimmingly.

Character Creation Rules and Guidelines Itachisig-3
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Character Creation Rules and Guidelines
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