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 Training Guide

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PostSubject: Training Guide   Training Guide I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 17, 2009 3:36 pm

How to Train?

On Naruto Destiny, you can learn stronger or additional techniques through training. If you come up with a new technique for your character later on, this is the way to get him to know it. Also, if you want your character to have a finishing blow for in combat, this is the way to get him that extra strong technique you want him to have.

To train a technique, create a topic in which your character trains the technique you're trying to learn. Depending on the rank of the technique, this post requires a set amount of words to be approved. No roleplaying skills will be taken into acount, but we do not accept gibberish. The list of required words goes as following:
E-Rank: 50 words
D-Rank: 150 words
C-Rank: 300 words
B-Rank: 450 words
A-Rank: 700 words
S-Rank: 1000 words

Once you've finished your training topic, go to THIS site and count the amount of words your topic contains. Make sure your post has enough words, or it will not be approved! To help the moderators and admins, you could also post your wordcount and a link to the topic of the jutsu you're trying to learn. Soon enough someone important will take a look at your topic and, when you did it right, approve it, after which he adds the new jutsu to your character application.
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Training Guide
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