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 Summoning Template

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PostSubject: Summoning Template   Summoning Template I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 8:13 am

Summoning Template

Race: (The race of your summoning creature. It he a toad? A snake? A wolf perhaps?)

Summoners: (A link to your character, basicly. If any other character is also capable of summoning this creature, add a link to his as well.)

Description: (A description of your summon. Does the summon have any specialities? Do they belong to a specific clan or group? Do they have some strange habits or personalities?)

Special Summons: (Specific summons you would like to point out. Things like boss summons, summons that have a friendship with your character, etc.)
Name: (Name of your special summon.)
Rank: (The rank of your summon. Above average summons are B-ranked, while bosses are S-ranked, for an example.)
Description: (A description of your special summon. What does he look like? How big is he? What is his personality like?)
Jutsu: (What jutsu can your special summon preform alone or in conjunction with his summoner?)

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Summoning Template
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