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 Jutsu Template

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PostSubject: Jutsu Template   Jutsu Template I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 15, 2009 4:01 pm

Name: (The name of your Jutsu. Please try to give us its Japanese name and its English translation.)

Rank: (The Rank of your Jutsu. This can be E, D, C, B, A, or S.)

Type: (What type of Jutsu is it? Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, etc)

Element: (What is the Jutsu's Element? Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, or Earth?)

Description: (Provide us with a brief description of your technique. What does it do? Does it require handseals? If it is a Genjutsu, what does one have to do to put the target into it? Does it consume a lot or only a little chakra? Things like that.)

Link to Character: (A link to the character that is about to learn this technique.)

Link to Training Topic: (A link to the topic where you have trained this technique. Note that the topic requires a certain amount of words to get an approval. Check the training topic in the jutsu section for more information.)







[b]Link to Character:[/b]

[b]Link to Training Topic:[/b]
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Kenny Kyarayaki

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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Template   Jutsu Template I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 10, 2009 11:02 am

delete this message if i cant do it this way. sorry for any misunderstandings!


oodama lightning rasengan- shippuden narutos move, only it's surrounded by lightning.

leaf whirlwind- he can also spin around and kick you while doing a handstand.

shadow clone jutsu
shadow clone smash
eight gates- because of his angel, he will not die if he uses the 8th gate

lightning cannon jutsu- sends out a massive beam of lightning

lightning hand-he puts his hand forward and sends out a thunderstrike out at you

lightning/ice jab- fires two-fingered pulses through the air which either sends a shocking or crackling sensation through your body

lightning/ice/snow dragon jutsu- summons up a storm or blizzard, which sends out a dragon of either ice, snow or ice. you cant escape this move, and it gives you a shocking or severe crackling sensation through your body and blasts you a long distance

blizzard blast- fires a massive beam of ice and snow

summoning- summons foxes instead of toads. this is what he summons:

angel summoning- summons his angel

Kitsune Team (summoning)- a team of foxes that can track any enemy.

Ninja Kitt (summoning)- a small, cute, little kit that can really fight. he has some of Kenny's moves.

shadow chidori- sasukes move, but instead in shadow form

raikou fist- he punches with his fist enveloped in lightning

weapon summoning- allows him to summon any physical weapon just like tenten, only his are deadlier =^^=

primary lotus
hidden lotus

sharakugan- looks like a combination of sharingan and byakugan. has no weak spots and allows him to copy taijutsu, genjutsu and ninjutsu moves

genjutsu/ninjutsu release- blocks jutsu.

shadow rotation- nejis move, only higher in area and power.

death of the lotus- lees move in pile driver form.
rebirth of the lotus- lees special in pile driver form.

lightning/ice blade- lightning blade made of real, golden lightning. ice blade made of unbreakable ice.

ice comet- he fires out three to four comets made of snow and ice.

ice breath- breathes out a chilling wind that freezes you or blasts you on impact.

Kenny Barrage- kicks four times sending you into the air. he beats you up in midair, and slams you with his foot

(renamed) dark rotation- the jutsu mentioned before has been renamed.

lightning rotation- rotation in lightning form. shocks you severely.

raikou palm- hits you with his palm, which is enveloped in lightning.

raikou kick- kicks you with his foot enveloped in lightning

lightning arrow jutsu- he leans forward and sticks out two fingers, in which he is making himself look like an arrow. his body becomes enveloped in lightning, in which the lightning shapes itself like an arrow. he comes at you really fast and strikes right through you. a sometimes fatal move to the opponent.

transformation jutsu

lightning style: lightning/ice juggernaut- related to choji's taijutsu technique. but of course, kenny cant expand, so in this jutsu he curls up and lightning/ice envelopes him in a ball. he rolls up to you and rams you.

kenny's thousand fists/kicks of death- he does multi-shadow clone jutsu. he kicks you into the air, leaving some of his shadow clones to keep kicking you up and up. each clone poofs away as it kicks you. after they all poof and leave you soaring up into the air, you see an army of shadow clones coming at you. kenny activates shadow clone smash, and the shadow clone army beats you up and knocks you around in mid-air, poofing as they hit you. then a clone knocks you downward, and the clones that havent poofed yet come at you again. this time they continuously slam into downward, either punching you or kicking you depending on the move.

lions barrage

death shower-kenny jumps and does multi-shadow clone jutsu. you see a whole army of clones. kenny and the clones take out weapons, one for each clone. they usually all use the same weapon, be it kunai, shuriken, giant kunai, ect. then they all throw the weapons at you. this isnt called "death shower" for show, especially when it comes to giant kunai.

chakra claw- his hand envelopes in chakra, causing a claw to form

chakra claw slash- he slashes, causing a slashing projectile to come at you

chakra claw X slash- he slashes in an X, causing an X-like projectile to come at you

chakra claw spiral slash- he puts his arms together and slashes, causing a spiral slashing projectile to come at you

dark tornado- he spins around and swirls black chakra around him, causing a tornado to form. he sucks you in and hurls you up into the air in a random direction, leaving you to slam into the ground somewhere. he can choose to throw this tornado as a projectile and he can choose to beat you up inside the tornado.

dark hurricane- a more powerful version of dark tornado.

raikou tornado/raikou hurricane- lightning version of dark tornado/dark hurricane. it shocks you really bad.

ice juggernaut- ice form of lightning juggernaut. he rolls at you surrounded in unbreakable ice.

ice tomb- he summons up ice to come and trap you in a massive glacier. he can crush you using death avalance. this can be done partially, in which he has the ice to surround part of your body.

ice burial- he crushes you in a glacier of ice, breaking your body as he breaks the glacier. he can crunch the glacier into pieces, taking you along with it. he can do this partially, crushing a part of your body.

raikou hand/ice hand/shadow hand/light hand- he sends out 2 or more giant hands made of lightning/ice/darkness/light and he can choose to control them with his own hands or his mind (he has more contol with his mind when he uses shadow hand). he can do a lot of stuff with these hands. a really cool move. the ice hand is unbreakable, the raikou hand is invulnerable to water (and it absorbs it along with fire), and the shadow hand and light hand is indestructible. most effective in kyuubi form.

telepathy ability- he reads your mind and can talk to you telepathically.

genjutsu barrier- he puts up an invisible barrier to keep you from getting somewhere. the genjutsu in this is the fact that your destination doesn't seem to get any closer. you are really going somewhere else, but you don't know it. with this, when you release it, you see where you really are. he can choose to put a teleporting spell in this genjutsu, so when you release it, you are teleported somewhere far away....

dream dimension- he can go inside your dreams and he can choose to alter it. a really scary genjutsu.

nightmare dimension- he can go inside your nightmare and make it into a dream. a useful mind-healing genjutsu for when your mind is really messed up by a certain genjutsu, like mangeko sharingan.

time dimension- he can go anywhere in time and he can choose to alter it. he can also choose to go back to a certain someone's past..............

time freeze- he can freeze time and can choose to alter it.

rakikougan- a telepathic jutsu. he can hypnotize you and do a lot of other stuff. if you look directly into these eyes, you will fall asleep or become bound to his commands. he can access your visual thoughts and verbal thoughts. this is another door for him to go inside your dreams/nightmares. he can also use this as another healing technique for the corrupted mind affected by genjutsu like mangeko sharingan.
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Jutsu Template
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