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 Demon Template

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PostSubject: Demon Template   Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:15 pm

Name: (The name of your demon.)

Alias: (Any nickname your demon might have.)

Gender: (Male, Female, or Genderless. You never know when handling demons.)

Age: (How old your demon is. If this is unknown or if your demon is as old as the world itself, simply state "N/A".)

Appearance: (What your demon looks like. Give us a brief description. Also try to describe what it looks like when your host turns inside himself to talk to the demon. The Kyuubi for an example appears to be in a large cage with a seal on it and water on the floor. Provide us with pictures if you can.)

Personality: (What your demon acts like. Does he tend to work togather with his host, or is he non-stop trying to break free from the person he has been sealed inside?)

Passive Traits: (Any passive abilities your demon grants his user. Exeptional strength? Increased chakra reserves? Inhuman regeneration? Underwater breathing? You name it.)

Active Abilities: (Any active abilities your demon might allow its host to preform. Mini-demon forms? Special techniques involving the demons ability? Write them down as jutsu.)


History: (Your demons history. What is the story behind this monster? How did he end up being sealed inside your character?)

Link to Character: (A link to the character this demon is going to belong to.)








[b]Passive Traits:[/b]

[b]Active Abilities:[/b]



[b]Link to Character:[/b]
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Demon Template
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